University of Oregon (Scheduling and Event Services)
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Eugene, OR
Thursday, April 5, 2018
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During EMU building hours

Student Building Services Coordinator Position- Erb Memorial Union
10-25 hours, $10.50/hr
The Student Building Services Coordinator position coordinates with various programs, offices, and departments in the Erb Memorial Union (EMU) building to communicate effectively with building resident programs and services, provide event support, assist in building care, provide customer service, and report security needs. Student Building Services Coordinators work special events, breaks, summer, and extended hours as scheduled. The position works a flexible schedule generally between the hours of
Monday-Wednesday: 8:00AM-1:30AM
Thursday-Friday: 8:00AM-3:00AM
Saturday: 7:30AM-3:00AM
Sunday: 9:30AM-1:30AM
This position communicates and provides customer service in person, by email, and by phone. Student Building Services Coordinators make regularly scheduled rounds of the building to ensure consistent service.
EMU Student Building Services Coordinators assist Scheduling and Event Services by utilizing various electronic and static media to access work orders, reports, and to communicate with teams throughout the building in person, by radio, and by phone. Student Building Services Coordinators support varied events through monitoring, communication, direct customer service, tech assistance, and the set up and take down of equipment as assigned.
Student Building Services Coordinators assist EMU Facilities in the cleaning and reset of public furniture and public space, enforcing of building policy, and reporting emergency needs and damage.
Student Building Services coordinators provide limited First Aid, and report emergencies occurring in the EMU. Student Building Services Coordinators are required to be AED/CPR, and First Aid certified. Training will be provided if the candidate does not currently possess Red Cross Certification in these areas.
Student Building Services Coordinators provide detailed customer service throughout the EMU. They are responsible for the transport of funds from various programs to the Accounting Department, after hours. In addition to actively working throughout the building for the bulk portion of shifts, the Student Building Services Coordinator has a seat in a high visibility, high traffic, and fast-paced customer service environment providing campus information to EMU guests.
Successful candidates have consistent professional demeanor and are able to take on a high level of responsibility.

The candidate must possess the ability to work well as a team and individually as necessary, and the ability to calmly problem solve and provide leadership during various unplanned situations, emergencies, and events. The Student Building Services Coordinator is supported by staff in multiple departments across the EMU (often remotely) allowing them to provide that leadership in a guided and supported context. Required: Ability to push pull 75lbs, lift 50lbs, Set up/take down tables and chairs, climb stairs, and provide a variety of general physical tasks, clerical duties, and other duties as assigned.

Work study is NOT required BUT this position IS work-study eligible

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