Practice Interviews

Real employers. Real conversations. Right here on campus.

The Practice Interview Program is designed to help you acquire professional interview skills, get feedback from experienced professionals, and gain confidence. A practice interview helps you prepare for real-life interviews, which increases your chances of getting additional interviews and acquiring the job. They are also a great way to meet and network with professionals, which can lead to opportunities in the future.

Sign up for a Practice Interview

  1. Upload your résumé to Duck Connect.
  2. On Duck Connect, select “On-Campus Interviews” and then “APPLY for On-Campus Interviews I Qualify for."
  3. Search for a position and organization you would like to have a practice interview with and review the position description, qualifications, and important deadlines.
  4. Click “Request Interview” button to submit your résumé.
  5. Check your interview requests and confirmations on Duck Connect under “View My Activity."

Prepare for your Practice Interview

  1. Attend a Career Center workshop to learn how to prepare for a job search, interview, or how to write an impressive résumé.
  2. Research the organization you are interviewing with.
  3. Treat this interview as an actual interview—dress appropriately, bring extra résumés, and come prepared with questions to ask the interviewer.
  4. On the day of the interview, arrive 10-15 minutes early and check in at the Career Center reception desk.


Students that participate in the Practice Interview Program must adhere to all On-Campus Interviewing policies and procedures.


Upcoming Practice Interviews

May 29
U.S. Air Force Practice Interviews9:00 a.m.

Get Practice Interview Experience with Guest Employer: Technical Staff Sergeant Scott A. Peterson with the U.S. Air Force. The UO Career Center's Practice Interview Program...
May 29 9:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.
Hendricks Hall, Career Center - Room 220

Get Practice Interview Experience with Guest Employer: Technical Staff Sergeant Scott A. Peterson with the U.S. Air Force.

The UO Career Center's Practice Interview Program is a safe place to practice interview skills, gain confidence and receive interview feedback from an experienced hiring professional. Guest employers volunteer their time to interview students and provide them with immediate feedback on their interviewing skills. Interviews are 30 minutes in length: 20 minutes for the interview and 10 minutes for immediate feedback from the interviewer.

Why Sign-up For A Practice Interview?
• Knowing what to expect and how to prepare will lead to successful future interviews. Success begins with preparation.
• You will receive immediate verbal and written interview feedback from our guest employer and provided a Practice Interview evaluation form to take with you.
• Practice makes better! Get a jump start on your job search, boost your interview skills and increase your chances for a successful interview the next time you're in front of an employer.

The Practice Interview Program is part of the On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) Program. Not showing up for a scheduled practice interview is unprofessional and guarantees disqualification from Duck Connect privileges. View OCR Policies here for more information (

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you MUST have a resume uploaded to Duck Connect [] before you can sign-up for any on-campus interviews:

1. In Duck Connect select: "On-Campus Interviews" and select "APPLY for On-Campus Interviews I Qualify For." (If you're not seeing opportunities you expect to see, select "VIEW all On-Campus Interviews")

2. Search for the position and organization you're applying to and review position description, qualifications and important deadlines.

3. Click "Request Interview" button to submit your resume.

4. Confirm your interview requests and interview confirmations in Duck Connect>My Account>View My Activity.

Contact information about the Practice Interview Program:

Tina Haynes, On-Campus Recruiting Coordinator
UO Career Center | 541-346-6006