What Are Your Plans Seniors?

There are so many things you can do when you graduate. Go to graduate school, land a fantastic job, live abroad, or move to a new place. Whatever you choose, we'd like to know where you 've landed so we can support your career development and brag about your accomplishments. Please make sure to complete your senior survey as you take flight on your next chapter. 

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Perks for Graduates

Did you know after you graduate you can still connect with the Career Center and get support with career advice, or even connect in person? You'll also be able to continue logging into Handshake to search for jobs and network with employeers.

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Another benefit you'll have is connecting with the Alumni Association. They have a number of networking groups, member events, and the Duck Career Network. 

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What Happens to the Survey Data?

Our senior survey data is collected and analyzed by the UO Student Life Office of Assessment & Research, the Career Center, and the UO Career Professionals Consortium. The data is then sorted by schools and colleges so we can better understand your journey and know how to best continue supporting your career development as an alum. We do not sell or share your personal data for any reason.