Composed of undergraduate and graduate students, the Career Center's Student Advisory Board (SAB) works to enhance and provide services to students and employers.

Position Description

Members of the SAB act as liaisons between students and the Career Center. They provide feedback on Career Center programs and services, have access to special events, and make valuable contacts. Being on the SAB is a great opportunity to develop leadership skills, enhance your résumé, begin networking with potential employers, and contribute to the continued development of the Career Center.

Through the SAB membership, you will further develop your communication, teamwork, problem solving, and critical thinking skills. The SAB is a great way to in your personal career development through accessing career services and resources, while also promoting Career Center programs and services to other students. This opportunity will help you develop knowledge about career support and services, and connect you with employers in diverse industries. 

Position Responsibilities

  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings throughout the year (three required meetings per term)
  • Provide insight, feedback, and advice to the Career Center
  • Engage in career and professional development opportunities
  • Assist the Career Education and Engagement Team with outreach efforts
  • Participate in Career Fairs and Career Center events
  • Serve on Career Center committees and work on specific projects with Career Center staff
  • Attend trainings and participate in mid-year and end-of-year evaluations

Applications will be available in September. Please contact Dani Amtmann with any questions.