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A resume is a brief and accurate synopsis of your skills and accomplishments which prospective employers use to place you in their field of reference. With this document an employer will decide whether you have the skills, credentials, experience, and potential needed for the position. Remember: Your resume will not earn you the job; its purpose it to earn you an interview. The interview will earn you the job. A clearly written and well-designed resume is a powerful tool to help you gain that interview. It is not enough to list your experiences and credentials. You must also decide which of your qualifications you wish to highlight. The more clearly you can demonstrate the match between your skills and the prospective employer's needs, the more effective you will be at obtaining an interview.

A well-crafted resume:

  • emphasizes relevant education, skills and experience.
  • translates experience and training into tangible skills and accomplishments.
  • is clearly designed and written with brief action phrases.

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