How Do I Structure My Internship?

There are many internships out there. The structure of each program depends on the type of internship it is, the length of the program, and its learning objectives. The internship you offer should be meaningful to students’ career development and consist of work/projects that provide experiential learning.

Traditional Internships

Often taking place over summer and winter... Read More


Career Tips from Fisher Investment

Perhaps you’ve seen the headlines: Robots are increasing their numbers in the workforce, and nobody’s job is safe. Now, there is no doubt technology has taken over roles previously occupied by people—it’s been happening before the Luddites made it famous—but does that mean you need a specialized technical skillset before you even start your career? Not quite. Many of the skills needed in today... Read More


Senior Duck Perspective: Making the Most Out of Your College Career

Elliott Tran is a senior majoring in journalism and economics. During her time in college, she managed to secure four internships, two research assistantships, and two student worker positions.

Create a Graduation Guide

Planning out your college career can help you think thoughtfully about what you want out of your time there. If you don’t know where to start with a... Read More


Alumni Perspective: Look for entry level positions that can make you feel fulfilled and happy

One word to describe Kelsey’s four years at Oregon? Involved. She has always loved being busy, and was a naturally curious student, so she signed up for as many clubs, boards, internships, and programs as she could take on.

Kelsey graduated from the Robert D. Clark Honors College in 2016 with a focus in Advertising and business administration and celebrated her success with a quick... Read More