International Student Career Night

February 28, 2017

International Student Career Night is an event that assists students with addressing common cultural job barriers, such as lack of networks, before and after they graduate. The University of Oregon Career Center, along with the Office of International Affairs collaborated to create an experience for our international Ducks that would set them up for career success. 

Bart Kassel, ISCA...

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If You Missed the Winter 2017 Internship Fair

February 28, 2017

E & J Gallo Winery

The E & J Gall Winery is looking for students who are interested in working full-time in their Sales Management Development Program (SMDP). Looking for a company that helps you develop your sales skills? The SMDP program does just that in three simple phases!

Phase 1: Sales Representative. Everyone starts in this phase to learn more about the...

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How Do I Structure My Internship?

February 13, 2017

There are many internships out there. The structure of each program depends on the type of internship it is, the length of the program, and its learning objectives. The internship you offer should be meaningful to students’ career development and consist of work/projects that provide experiential learning.

Traditional Internships

Often taking place over summer and winter...

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Career Tips from Fisher Investments

February 06, 2017

Are you about to graduate and searching for a dream job that perfectly matches your skills, interests, and major? Are you having trouble identifying a niche in your field?  In reality, your skills extend well beyond the degree on your graduation certificate.  Here’s why:

When you start college, you’re coached to believe the major you choose is a rite of passage into that career field....

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