Super Women in Portland

April 07, 2017

We must believe in ourselves to further our careers as women. In order to develop this sense of empowerment, sometimes you have to fake it until you make it. Once you begin promoting yourself with confidence and power, you will start to believe in yourself.

On March 1, UO Portland celebrated National Women’s History Month by gathering around 200 professionals to learn how to further...

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The 8 Things You Cannot Stop Staring at in Wieden+Kennedy: Career Insights Road Trip

April 03, 2017

On February 26, 2016, two other students from the University of Oregon and I had the chance to visit Wieden+Kennedy in Portland. The visit was part of the Career Center's Career Insight Road Trip, and provided us a glimpse into the world of media and communication from inside a high profile advertising agency.  

It can be hard to pay attention to your guide as they...

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Bilingual Students

March 13, 2017

These days, more people travel and study other cultures and languages. As a result, companies try to hire people from diverse backgrounds. People from different countries bring their unique skills and culture to a company. Now is the best time to embrace and share your unique skills as a bilingual student.

Dr. Ron Severson, Senior Instructor I of Management at the UO Lundquist College...

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Working Abroad Professionally

March 08, 2017

It’s exciting to discover a whole new world as a fresh graduate. Expose yourself to opportunity!

As the world becomes increasingly globalized, more people want to live abroad. Living abroad provides many benefits such as understanding other cultures, traveling to beautiful places, and personal growth.

Nevertheless, there are things to consider to get the most out of the trip....

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