Senior Duck Perspective: Making the Most Out of Your College Career

January 30, 2017

Elliott Tran is a senior majoring in journalism and economics. During her time in college, she managed to secure four internships, two research assistantships, and two student worker positions.

Create a Graduation Guide

Planning out your college career can help you think thoughtfully about what you want out of your time there. If you don’t know where to start with a...

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Alumni Perspective: Look for entry level positions that can make you feel fulfilled and happy

January 23, 2017

One word to describe Kelsey’s four years at Oregon? Involved. She has always loved being busy, and was a naturally curious student, so she signed up for as many clubs, boards, internships, and programs as she could take on.

Kelsey graduated from the Robert D. Clark Honors College in 2016 with a focus in Advertising and business administration and celebrated her success with a quick...

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What am I good at? How can I translate that into a career?

January 16, 2017

Have you ever done something you were really proud of and thought, wow, I did really well at this, I'm proud of myself? Or, on the flip side have you struggled with something that always seemed to come easily to others? We all have strengths and areas that we can improve on. Sometimes struggling with something over and over again can lead to positive outcomes, but a lot of the time it can...

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How to Make a Good Impression While Keeping Things Professional

January 09, 2017

Before starting a new job or going in for an interview, it can be hard to act professionally while also making a good impression. There is definitely a fine line between being sociable and friendly and being overly-excited and nosy. Being friendly comes naturally when we are around friends and family, yet being around employers can inhibit us from our normal conversation starters, making it...

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