Carolyn Williams

Carolyn Williams
Peace Corps Recruiter
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Carolyn Williams is the Peace Corps strategic campus recruiter. She helps spread the word about Peace Corps, and hopes that all University of Oregon students know about the opportunities available to them through Peace Corps. 

Carolyn is a life-time Eugene resident. She left for college (she earned a BA in English from Oregon State University—don’t hold it against her), but returned right after graduation. Her career, thus far, has been in education, starting as a preschool teacher locally, then serving as an English education volunteer for Peace Corps in Azerbaijan. When she returned from her service, she earned her master of arts in teaching from Pacific University and has been working as a teacher (mostly in middle schools) for the past 12 years. 

She enjoys hiking with her dog and family, sewing clothing items, writing, reading, cooking, and traveling. She loves the UO because of all the cultural opportunities it provides to our community. Her favorites include the museums and the Oregon Bach Festival. Carolyn is passionate about community service and working to make Eugene a safe and happy place for all residents. She is currently the chair of the Civilian Review Board, which oversees the police oversight process in Eugene.