Found My Future: Interning Your Way into a Career

Mallory Varas

Sometimes you have such a great experience as an intern that it transitions into a full-time job offer before you even graduate. Mallory Varas, UO senior Business major, has done just that! In her role as an advanced intern at Enterprise Holdings, she is currently interning with Enterprise as she finishes up her last few months of college. Upon graduating she will be joining their Management Trainee program and advancing into management within three short months because she took a chance on her future and stayed on as an intern past her summer internship.

With Enterprise Holdings coming to the Internships and Summer Jobs Fair next week, excited to meet more talented Ducks like Mallory, we asked her to share more about her exciting journey from career fair to career!

Name: Mallory Varas
Graduation Year: Coming soon in June 2022! 
Major: Business Major (concentration in Marketing) with Spanish Minor
Current Job: Accelerated Intern for Enterprise Holdings
Future Job after Graduation: Management Trainee for Enterprise Holdings

Last year I was looking for an internship where I would be able to gain hands-on business experience. Enterprise was my number one choice for an internship because the internship was paid (and very generously), there were incentives/ bonuses to reward hard work, and because I was able to apply my customer service skills from previous jobs in the food industry and create meaningful relationships and interactions. 

This past summer my internship was fun and engaging, and I was able demonstrate leadership skills while also being mentored and given the tools to succeed. I also completed a marketing project with a business partner and loved how I could practice the skills I learned with my marketing concentration. I decided to stay on because Enterprise has many opportunities for professional growth and is invested in your success.

When I learned that Enterprise only hires from within and that the top management of the company did the same exact program I am doing, I knew I wanted to establish a career with Enterprise since there are so many opportunities to promote quickly and the company is invested in the success of their employees. 

Before this internship, I had no idea what kind of career I wanted, what kind of position I wanted to apply for, and which companies I wanted to work for after graduation. 

My advice to current students is to attend career fairs and get involved with a club, because networking is extremely important, and I don’t think I would have found this internship if I had not gone to a career fair. Also, look for an internship that is rewarding, integrative, and with a company that aligns with your values because the internship could turn into your career after graduation.”

To learn more about jobs and internships with Enterprise Holdings, visit with recruiters at the Internships and Summer Jobs Fair on February 10.