Full-Time Jobs

You’ve been collecting knowledge, experiential learning, work experiences, and career readiness skills—it's time to spread your wings and fly!

Applying for your first full-time job after college can be both exciting and frustrating. The process takes a lot of self-reflection, determination, and resilience as you put your network into action and apply for the next step in your career journey. When you're ready to start your search for a full-time position, the University Career Center is here to help with reviewing your documents, job search strategies, practice interviews, employer connections and more.

Check out some of our favorite job search resources or schedule an appointment with one of our career coaches.

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The Job Hunt

Best Places to Work Lists

Don’t know where to start looking? See who other people say are the best workplaces and why.

Reflection work:

  • Goals, interests, transferrable skills, and know your “why”
  • VitaNavis — Tool that uses the SuperStrong assessment to match your personality and interests with educational and career pathways

Research companies, industries, and job roles of interest:

  • Learn about duties, outlook, trends, workplace culture, company’s mission
  • How to Spot an Entry-Level opportunity after Graduation
  • Reach out to alumni and soft leads for Informational Interviews
  • Attend Career & Internship Expos and alumni networking events like Casual Career Chats

Tailored résumé and cover letter:


  • Create a LinkedIn profile
  • Find people you know who can support you and share their connections: friends, family, professors, co-workers, supervisors
  • Reach out to alumni
  • Get to know other students and campus leaders through clubs and organizations
  • Meet other industry professionals through alumni groups, local young professional networks, chamber of commerce, industry related professional organizations (many have student discounts and membership databases great for informational interviewing)