Practice Interview Program

Real employers. Real conversations. Right here on campus.

The UO Practice Interview Program is designed to help you acquire professional interview skills, get feedback from experienced professionals, and gain confidence. You will not be interviewing for a specific job at the company our volunteer works for. You will instead be practicing commonly asked interview questions and getting active feedback on your communication style, professionalism, and more.

A practice interview helps you prepare for real-life interviews, which increases your chances of getting additional interviews and acquiring the job. It is also a great way to meet and network with professionals, which can lead to opportunities in the future. Practice interviews may be in person (typically held at the University Career Center), virtual, or by phone. Anyone can participate in a practice interview and it’s fun to practice with people in different industries to see different styles of interviewing you might encounter in real life.

Search and sign up for a practice interview on Handshake

  1. Sign in to Handshake.
  2. Upload your résumé to Handshake if you don’t have one uploaded yet.
  3. On Handshake, select “Jobs.”
  4. Search for the specific organization name of interest to you or use “practice interview” as a key word. Review the practice interview program and organization description provided and important deadlines.

Prepare for your practice interview

  1. Research the organization/individual you are interviewing with.
  2. Treat this interview like an actual interview. Bring a copy of your résumé or have it available for easy reference, and come prepared with one to three questions to ask the interviewer, if there’s time. (It’s common at the end of an interview for you to ask questions, so we practice that, too!)
  3. If in person, on the day of the interview, arrive 10 minutes early and check in at the University Career Center reception desk.
  4. If virtual, check out these helpful tips to make a good virtual impression.

Students that participate in the Practice Interview Program must adhere to all on-campus interviewing policies and procedures.

For more information about upcoming opportunities, or if you would like to be a practice interview conductor, contact Tina Haynes, employer engagement coordinator.

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