Ducks Around the World: Joze Pelayo in Washington, DC

Joze Pelayo

Joze Pelayo is putting his MA in international studies to great use in our nation’s capital! Joze has working and living experience in Palestine, Lebanon, Israel, the United Kingdom, the Golan Heights, Venezuela, and the Caucasus-Russia. He is passionate about transforming his multicultural ideas, experiences, and perspectives into strategies and leadership that bring about contextual and sustainable solutions. Joze is a strong advocate for stronger social, cultural, economic, and political relations between the Arab Gulf States and the Americas. We caught up with Joze to gain some insight from his experience and to give some advice for current Ducks.

Name: Joze Pelayo
Graduation Year: 2017
Major: MA, international studies, nonprofit management certificate
Current Job: Assistant director, Scowcroft Middle East Security Initiative at Atlantic Council

What is one thing you learned or experienced during your time at the UO that is helping you be successful on your global career journey?

Financial aid received at the UO (public impact fellowship and others) for abroad experiences and research greatly impacted my outlook on the world and helped shape my career path.

What words of advice do you have for students who want to live, work, or study around the world?

Don’t be afraid of trying new things and new places—and apply to every opportunity you see.

What is one thing you wish someone would have told you before you graduated about the world of work, job searching, or career paths?

Don’t write/publish sensitive political positions at a young age and/or just out of school, as those positions are most likely changing later, and you may regret that publication.

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