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Summer 2023 UCC Internship Scholarship Fund

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Need cash this summer while doing an unpaid internship for credit? Apply to the UCC Internship Scholarship Fund!

The University Career Center (UCC) Internship Scholarship Fund is designed to support students doing unpaid internships for credit during summer term 2023. Scholarships range from $500–$2,500 depending on need. Applications for the scholarship are due May 15, 2023.

If you are planning to apply for credit through UGST 404, please note that the class application deadline is May 5.

How to Find that Summer Internship or Job

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Want to land a great job after graduation? Employers are looking for well-rounded students who have real-world experience; but how exactly do you get “experience”? Whether it be through an internship, job, service learning, or volunteer assignment, gaining experience is a great way to apply what you’re learning in the classroom and through extracurriculars in the “real world.” It’s also a great opportunity to develop some important professional skills such as navigating workplace culture, working in teams, and helping to solve problems.

Five Tips for Creating a Great Profile on LinkedIn

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Regardless of where you are in your college journey, LinkedIn is the best place to start building your brand—the story you want to tell to potential employers about who you are (your values), what you can do (your skills), and what you’re passionate about (your interests). 

It’s also the #1 place where recruiters go to source candidates and check out applicants to their positions. 

Here are my top five* tips to create a LinkedIn profile to get you noticed (*read to the end for a bonus sixth tip!).

Exploring Your Career Path with UO International Alumni

Photos of international alumni from the University of Oregon

In this widespread pandemic context, international students are facing a pivotal challenge in planning their career paths. Many things in their lives are full of uncertainty at this time, and their career planning is especially being greatly affected by the current situation. The University of Oregon Career Center provides career consulting and advice to help international students become successful in their career paths.

Experience is EVERYWHERE!

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Summer is just around the corner! Whether you are back in your hometown or living the quarantine life here in Eugene, this summer is FILLED with potential and opportunities for you to build up the skills and experiences needed to help you land future internships and jobs. It’s time to get creative, think outside the box, and put your skills to good use wherever you are this summer through volunteerism!  

Five Tips for Making Meaningful Connections at Virtual Networking Events

1. Prep your space (and your tech)

Take a good look at the space around you. What will the people on the other side of the camera see and hear? Make sure you have a quiet space where you can close the door and let others around you know you’ll be on a video call. And check for clutter—no one wants to see your pile of laundry on the bed behind you!

The Digital World is Flat: Alumni Networking is Easier and More Important than Ever

Members of UO Alumni Association

“I’m a Duck; are you a Duck?” 

This is what the stranger who eagerly tapped my shoulder said to me while I was traveling in Switzerland, wearing a University of Oregon T-shirt. 

“Yes, I am a Duck,” I answered, and then we burst into connections about the campus, faculty, Eugene, Oregon, and more. This is the power of being a Duck: Wherever we’ve flown, we grew on the same grounds and leaped from the same nest!