Example Cover Letter

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Contact Name
Company Name
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Dear [individual’s name—be careful not to assume gender],

Introductory Paragraph

This paragraph tells the reader why you are contacting them. This is where you mention mutual acquaintances, interest in the company or a specific position posted, and whatever else prompted you to write. You can also provide a concise overview of the skills and experience you have to offer the employer. You will elaborate on these skills in the following body paragraphs.

Body Paragraph(s)

This section allows you to elaborate on what you have to offer the employer—your skills, experience, knowledge, expertise, work characteristics and qualities, etc. Prior to writing the body paragraphs, consider the following:

  • What is needed to accomplish the job?
  • Identify two to three qualifications and skills the position requires. Use the job description or information obtained through your career research for this.
  • How do your strengths match the job requirements?
  • Brainstorm experiences — classes, employment, co-curricular activities, etc.—that relate well to the job requirements and illustrate your skills and background in each area.
  • Consider closing the paragraph(s) with a conclusion sentence focused on how your skills will impact the employer.

Conclusion Paragraph

Reiterate your interest in the opportunity. Thank the reader for their time. Acknowledge that you look forward to hearing from or meeting with the employer. If appropriate, this is a great place to mention your “call to action” or next steps: “I am very excited about the position of __ with __ company and look forward to beginning the interview process” or “I will contact you the week of __ to discuss my application and to learn about your recruiting procedures”.

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