Business and Management

Are you a leader?

Do you consider yourself someone who seeks innovation and industry growth?

This cluster includes a large spectrum of career opportunities spanning all industries within the workforce. These job roles typically include a wide variety of tasks such as planning, evaluating employers or business operations, implementing procedures or strategies, maximizing profitability, and addressing company challenges.

Possible Career Paths

  • Actuarial analyst
  • Business advisor
  • Business development manager
  • Data analyst
  • Management consultant
  • Project manager
  • Risk manager
  • Supply chain manager
  • Environmental engineer
  • Human resources officer
  • Logistics and distribution manager
  • Marketing executive
  • Mortgage advisor
  • Urban designer
  • Real estate agent
  • International management analyst
  • Renewable energy technology manager

Although these lists encompass some occupations in the cluster, this is just a sample. Be sure to keep an open mind and dig deeper into the other careers that play a part in these industries. It is helpful to dive into the skills used within each role to see which area complements your own.

Internships and Research Opportunities

  • The Intern Group — Partners with multinationals, medium-sized businesses, and fast-growing entrepreneurial firms to offer internships in all major business functions with a wide range of exciting companies around the world.
  • Idealist — Resources and tools to help you build a better world.
  • Way Up — Sign up to find your dream job.
  • Peace Corps Community Economic Development Volunteer — Volunteers work together with development banks, nongovernmental organizations, and municipalities to encourage economic opportunities in communities.

UO Resources

  • GEO study abroad programs — Studying abroad provides an invaluable opportunity to explore and learn about cultures around the world. Global competence and understanding of different cultural perspectives are crucial to professional success. The University of Oregon’s GEO program provides several options for you to explore and learn.
  • Mohr Career Services — Career readiness is an ongoing journey that benefits everyone, no matter how much experience we have. In addition to the University Career Center, Mohr Career Services is an excellent way to prepare for your next opportunity in the business world.
  • UO Peace Corps Campus Recruiter — Working with the UO recruiter will give you the guidance you need to be most competitive when applying for Peace Corps.