Example Résumé

Street Address • City, State, Zip Code • Phone Number
Email Address


  • Tells an employer what kind of job you are looking for
  • Be specific about industry or position if you know it
  • May be stated in a cover letter


Marketing Assistant in the nonprofit sector


  • Makes assertions about abilities, qualities, experience, and achievements
  • Presents relevant information related to your objective


Enthusiastic and persuasive presentations;
Earned compliments for organization, attention to detail, and follow through from customers and managers


  • List pertinent educational history (college/university) in reverse chronological order — starting from the most recent and working backwards
  • Lead with degree earned, institution, then date
  • Optional: may add bullets describing minor studies, languages, scholarships and academic honors, GPA, study abroad, etc.
  • Optional: related coursework may be listed in EDUCATION or a separate section


BA in Political Science and Philosophy, University of Oregon, June 2023
Recipient of three scholarships based on academic achievement and community involvement;
Study abroad in Barcelona, Spain; proficient in Spanish language, writing, and conversation


  • Lead with position title, followed by organization, location, and employment dates
  • Avoid a review of your duties—focus on skills and lead with strong, descriptive action verbs
  • Can include work, internships, and leadership activities (paid and unpaid)
  • Use numbers to add dimension to your statements. Example:

    Increased attendance at annual conference by 20%;
    Supervised and delegated work assignments to five student workers;
    Contributed to professor’s research by reviewing and analyzing 35 articles

  • When preparing statements, constantly ask the questions “who, what, why, where, when and how” to clarify and add interest
  • Use bullets to draw attention to action verbs leading résumé statements—employers want to skim for detail and will not read lengthy paragraphs


Customer Service Representative, Royal Caribbean, Eugene, OR (2022-present)
Solved problems for customers by explaining advantages of different travel itineraries;
Increased bookings over a six month period by 25%


  • Includes community or university activities not mentioned in Experience section
  • Typically formatted as a list and may not require bulleted statements


Member, Golden Key Honorary (2022-present)
Volunteer, SMART reading program for elementary students (2021-22)


  • Lists skills relevant to the job you are applying to that are not immediately apparent from your education or experience description (e.g. computer literacy, languages, writing, technical skills)


  • Lists honors and awards that are relevant to your potential job


  • Lists interests to show diverse skills and well-roundedness
  • Section may serve as a conversation starter in interviews


  • References are typically past or current employers, faculty, or advisors who can speak to your skills and performance related to work
  • List name, title, phone and email for three to five references on a separate page
  • Include the relationship the person had to you (past supervisor, faculty advisor)
  • Be sure to secure permission before sharing references with a potential employer
  • Copy and paste résumé headline the at top of the page.