Work-study is a financial aid program that enables students with financial needs to earn money toward college expenses by working part-time on-campus or with select local nonprofits. While there are plenty of on-campus jobs that do not require you to have this form of financial aid and are open to all students, there are some jobs on campus that are reserved just for students with work-study funding.

If you see the words “Required Work-Study” or “Work-Study Preferred” on a job posting in Handshake, you can use your funds there (you can also filter by “Work-Study”). While many of these positions are going to be on campus, there are some local nonprofit agencies like the Boys and Girls Club of Emerald Valley and the 4J BEST for Success Afterschool where you can use your work-study funds as well to tutor kids!

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Students may work up to 25 hours a week (20 for international students) while classes are in session and will receive a monthly paycheck (based on an hourly wage) that they can use for educational expenses.

Check out our frequently asked questions (FAQ) to learn more about work-study and see if you are eligible.

For more information: Work Study (Office of Financial Aid)