Work-Study Frequently Asked Questions

What is work-study?
There are two types of work-study. Federal Work-Study is a federally funded and UO Work-Study is funded by the University of Oregon. Both are financial aid programs that enable students to earn money toward college expenses by working on campus. Federal Work-Study may also be used for work in selected governmental and nonprofit agencies serving the community. Students may work up to 25 (20 for international students) hours a week while classes are in session and receive a monthly paycheck (based on an hourly wage) that they can use for educational expenses.
Who is eligible for work-study?
In order for students to be considered for the work-study programs, the Financial Aid Office must receive an official FAFSA from the federal processor prior to March 1. Both of these programs are awarded based on a pre-established level of student financial need determined by the Financial Aid Office.
How do I search for work-study and other part-time jobs?
Job postings can be reviewed on Handshake. You can contact the University Career Center on the Garden Level of Tykeson Hall for personalized assistance.
How do I know if I have a work-study award?
Review your financial aid offer on DuckWeb. If you see a listing for Federal Work-Study or UO Work-Study, then you have a work-study award.
My work-study award is for $1,500. What does that mean?
Under the work-study program, you may then earn up to a total of $1500 during fall, winter and spring term. Your employer will be responsible for a portion of your wages and the work-study award will pay the other portion.
How is my work-study award determined?
Work-study awards are given each year to eligible students based on the level of need determined on the FAFSA, the FAFSA filing date, and the level of federal and institutional funding available.
I didn't get a work-study award this year. Can I petition and ask for an award?
No, work-study awards are allotted once for each school year. If you attend summer term, you may be able to request an award for summer.
I didn't get a work-study award this year. How can I get an award for next year?
To be considered for a work-study award, you must file your FAFSA by the priority deadline of March 1, prior to the school year. The financial aid office will review your FAFSA to see if your calculated needs falls within the UO eligibility guidelines for the year.
What happens if I do not want to earn my work-study award or only earn a portion of it?
The work-study award must be earned within the award period it was offered. It cannot be used in future award periods. If you do not wish to earn your work-study award, you can contact the Financial Aid Office to check on your eligibility for other aid programs.
If I have a job off-campus that does not use work-study, can I use my work-study award on-campus?
Yes. Your off-campus employment does not preclude you from earning work-study on-campus.
Is there any loan responsibility tied to earning work-study?
No. Work-study is an opportunity for you to earn wages. It is a work award, not a loan.
Where do I find jobs that don't require work-study eligibility?
Handshake provides job listings that do not require a work-study award. You can also contact some of the larger employers on campus directly, such as the Student Recreation Center, EMU Food Service and University Housing/Catering.
I see on DuckWeb that I have a work-study award. Am I guaranteed to get a work-study position?
No, you are not guaranteed to get a work-study position. You may search for open work-study positions using Handshake. You will apply for the work-study jobs the same way you would apply for any other student position.
How do I get paid once I have a work-study job?
You will complete a timesheet each month with your employer. The employer will then submit the timesheet to the UO and you will receive a paycheck from the UO on the last business day of the month. If you start your job at the beginning of fall term, your first paycheck will be available October 31.
Can I have my work-study paycheck automatically pay my tuition bill?
No. Wages earned will be paid to you separately from your tuition bill.
How many hours per week can I work to earn work-study?
Student employees are limited to working 25 hours per week (20 for international students) between all on-campus jobs when classes are in session. During scheduled breaks, student employees may work up to 40 hours per week.
I need some extra money this month. Can I skip class and work extra hours?
No, you may not work during your regularly scheduled class time. The work-study award is intended to provide income to enable you to get an education. Missing class would defeat the main purpose of you attending UO.
What happens when I have earned the full amount of my work-study award?
Your employer has the option of continuing your employment and paying your wages fully from departmental funds. Communicate with your employer early for clear expectations and to plan ahead based on your needs and the needs of the department.
When should I start looking for a work-study or part-time job?
You should start looking for a job as soon as possible. Many employers hire students before fall begins, but jobs also become available all throughout the school year. New opportunities are posted regularly on Handshake.
Career-Readiness Coaches and Peer Coaches in the University Career Center can help you to use the system, define strategies for outreach to campus employers and help you to present yourself professionally to prospective employers.
I do not have a work-study award; can I still work on campus?
Yes, you may work on campus even if you do not have a work-study award. In this case, your employer will be responsible for paying all of your wages. However, many employers do not hire students without a work-study award. You can filter your job search by work-study or non work-study in Handshake.
The University Career Center can provide you with student employment and part-time job search resources. We also offer regular workshops and one-on-one support on topics such as résumés, cover letters, and job searches. For further information, contact us by email or phone (541-346-3235).
Where can I find off-campus jobs?
Off-campus job postings are listed in the University Career Center's jobs database, Handshake. You can access the system with your Duck ID (this is your email address plus its password—NOT your student ID). There are also many temporary employment service agencies in Eugene as well as the local office of the Oregon Employment Department.
Are off-campus employers willing to be flexible around my school schedule?
It depends on the employer. There are many local private parties and families that like to hire UO students to perform jobs such as housekeeping, childcare, and yardwork. They are usually very flexible. Other employers such as service providers, caregivers, and retail stores usually have a specific schedule they need to fill.
Will I need a car for off-campus jobs?
Some employers are within walking or biking distance of campus. Some are accessible by public transportation.
How do I apply for jobs?
Each employer will have specific instructions on how to apply and they will be stated in their job announcements. Typically for on-campus jobs, a résumé or application will be requested as well as a copy of your class schedule for the term. Print that from your DuckWeb account and include it with other application materials. Off-campus employers will usually request a résumé or have you call or email for more information.