Found My Future: Investing in Taking Chances

Shanae King

Fisher Investments is not your typical financial services company and they attract Ducks from all different areas of study—like Shanae King, UO ’12 who has spent the last nine years of her career challenging herself by taking on new roles and growing in leadership within Fisher Investments. 

With the Internships and Summer Jobs Fair right around the corner, and Fisher Investments eager to meet and interview their next cohort of Ducks, we caught up with Shanae to ask her for some advice for students applying to jobs and companies outside their comfort zone.

Name: Shanae King 
Graduation Year: 2012 
Major: Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Current Job: Employee Relations Team Lead for Fisher Investments 

What did you study at the University of Oregon, and how did your time at the UO prepare you for your career?

Like many students, I started college with one career in mind (teaching) and quickly became undecided as I continued to learn and expand my knowledge of the world. If my major taught me anything it’s that there’s no one way to approach life. People and experiences will continue to surprise you, intrigue you, make you proud, and change your perspective for the better. So take every opportunity you can manage and add to your life’s résumé.  

What attracted you to Fisher Investments?

I applied at FI not knowing much about the company, just that a friend loved her job and loved the people she worked with. She referred me and simply asked I entertain an interview, so I obliged. I was nervous leaving a firm I’d been with since I was 16, but after nine years at Fisher Investments, I’m thankful I did. 

What do you like best about the company culture at Fisher Investments?

The people are without a doubt the best part about my job. From teammates, to managers, to those I come to meet by way of my role’s duties and responsibilities, this firm is known for recruiting top talent. With each role I’ve held at FI, I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside some of the most dedicated, spirited, competent, and genuine individuals I’ve ever met. 

Any words of wisdom for your fellow Ducks?

It’s OK to be afraid of failure, but don’t let that fear stop you in your tracks. The unknown can change you in so many great ways, especially with an open mind to the new and different. From failures to successes, each has a positive impact on your future.

To learn more about jobs and internships with Fisher Investments, visit with recruiters at the Internships and Summer Jobs Fair on February 10. NOTE: Have your résumé handy, they will also be participating in Fair Interview Day on February 11—they will give out interview invites at the fair!