What’s a career fair? A career fairs help you find jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities, and learn more about a particular company. Attending a fair is a great way to meet many employers at one time while they are on your campus. What are other benefits of career fairs?

  • Networking
  • Interview practice
  • Discovering possible new interests

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Step one: Review your resume prior to the fair. Stop by the University Career Center for a peer advising appointment or make an appointment to see one of our advisors to polish your resume and help make yourself shine.
  • Step two: Check out the Student Guide. You can use it to identify the companies that fit your job search, mark you favorites, and navigate with our career fair map.
  • Step three: Create and practice your introduction speech. Taking time to develop this tool will give you confidence and have you sounding polished.
  • Step four: Set a small goal before walking into the room. What is your focus for attending the fair today? Are you looking for an internship? Determine to chat with three recruiters and gain information about their opportunities. Are you researching an industry? Decide you will swing by five companies and gather their printed material to help in your research. Setting a goal will make the process less intimidating.

Here are a few keys to success:

  • Research, Research, Research. Know something about the companies you target. A recruiter is going to be impressed when you state something you know about the company and follow it up with a more in depth question. For example, “I see that Enterprise Holdings has a Management Training program, is there a job path other than sales available within this program?”
  • Try to think beyond a company’s branding, remember most job categories can be found in most industries. For example, you can find accountants, managers, marketers, consultants, HR professionals (and more) working within government, non-profits, healthcare, IT, retail, banking, education, media, etc.
  • When you approach a recruiter, make a good first impression and be yourself by:
    • Making eye contact
    • Using a firm handshake
    • Speaking to be heard
    • Listening
    • A key to strong communication is active listening
  • Remember to gather business cards for your follow-up. It always makes a great impression on recruiters if you send them a quick thank you email after the career fair. A great tip is to take a moment to jot down a couple of notes from your conversation after you’ve spoken to a recruiter and have their card. When you send that thank you email, they’ll be impressed you remembered what they said!

Now you’re ready to make the most out of any Career Fair. So go to it and remember to have fun. Always know the University Career Center is here to help you succeed. If you have any questions please feel free to make an appointment with one of our career coaches in office 50, Tykeson Hall or call us at 541-346-3235. We would love to help.