Duck Connect is Transitioning to Handshake

The University of Oregon Career Center is excited to announce our transition from Duck Connect to Handshake! Handshake is a modern career services platform designed to connect students and employers to each other, events, and opportunities. Read on for details on the implementation process and helpful resources for successfully using Handshake.

Key Transition Dates

Employer Launch
August 20, 2018

Employers will receive an invitation to create an account in Handshake, or to connect with us if your organization is already in Handshake. Signing up is easy and takes less than five minutes.

Transition Period
August 20–September 9, 2018

Create your account, connect with the University of Oregon, start posting jobs, sign up for events, and request on-campus recruiting dates!

Keep using Duck Connect for your job search, but also take a moment to save any documents (like your resume or cover letter) that you might want to access later.

Student Launch
Fall 2018

Students will receive an email invitation to complete their profiles in Handshake.

Transition Steps and Training Resources

For Off-Campus Employers

Handshake is your one-stop tool for posting jobs, tracking applicants, scheduling on-campus interviews, and registering for career fairs and events.

For UO Students and Alumni

Handshake is similar to Duck Connect, but more user-friendly. It offers a mobile version, and recommends jobs and events to you based on your interests, majors, and skills. You’ll also be able to set employer alerts and job notifications, plus schedule appointments with the Career Center—all within your account.

For the UO Community

Use Handshake just as you did Duck Connect to advertise your on-campus job opportunities to UO students. If you already have an account in Duck Connect, you will receive your invitation to Handshake on August 20, 2018, otherwise you can sign up for an account. You can get Handshake support on their website, or by attending one of our information sessions (schedule to be announced).