Jobs and Internships

Jobs and Internships

Where to Search

Use a combination of job search strategies, allocating about 80 percent of your search time to proactive strategies and about 20 percent on reactive strategies. Search through Handshake and job search websites, and explore careers and internships.

Get Ready to Work

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Looking for job or internship opportunities? Activate your Handshake account to search for jobs, discover new career possibilities, register for events, and network with recruiters.

Discover Handshake

Part-Time Jobs

Gaining work experience is an important part of the career exploration and development process. Part-time work can help you assess your interests, values, and allow you to build new skills. Local and campus employers are always looking to hire candidates developing their career readiness skills.

Full-Time Jobs

You’ve been collecting knowledge, experiential learning, work experiences, and career readiness skills—it’s time to spread your wings and fly!


Whether it be a full summer experience or something you do in Eugene alongside taking classes, internships are a great way to gain practical experiential learning experience that employers are looking for from college graduates.


Work-study is a financial aid program that enables students with financial needs to earn money toward college expenses by working part-time on-campus or with select local nonprofits.

Résumé and Cover Letter

A strong résumé demonstrates your relevant skills, strengths, and accomplishments. A cover letter is a document that tells your reader how you are uniquely qualified for the specific experience you're applying for.

Get Started with Resumes and Cover Letters

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Make a Difference in the Peace Corps

More than 1,300 UO graduates have served in the Peace Corps since 1961. Peace Corps helps communities of interested countries meet their need for trained people.

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Meet With a Career Coach

Want to talk with a coach and explore career paths, internships, or need help on a résumé? We can meet one-on-one with you to help you feel prepared and explore new opportunities.

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