Recent Graduates

We are proud of you and the hard work and dedication it took to get here!

We know that the job search is challenging. The good news is you are not alone—the University Career Center is here to support you. There are plenty of focused actions you can be taking today to increase your confidence, career readiness skills, and job search strategies to find great opportunities. You can be working on skill-building, résumé writing, networking, and interviewing skills so that when the right opportunity presents itself, you will be ready to shine!

Explore a variety of resources and ideas below that will help guide you through this time of transition, or reach out to our office for one-on-one support.

We're Here for You!

Even after you have graduated, the University Career Center will continue supporting your career success:

All you need to do is contact us at 541-346-3235 or and we’ll connect you to resources and support.

Getting Started

Before jumping in, it can help to stop for a moment, and think critically about how you want to move forward to create a plan. Now is the time to adapt to the changing market. Being flexible and open to new opportunities will help you in the long run and set you up for success. Don’t forget, there are many coaches, advisors, mentors, teachers, and friends at the University of Oregon ready to help. Reach out; we are here for you.

Immediate Action

So what can you do right now? We encourage you to use this time to work on your job search mechanics. Seek out help with your résumé. Do practice virtual interviews. Seek out advice from alumni or others working in your industry of interest.

Senior Collection Learning Path

We've created a Senior Collection Learning Path within UO's LinkedIn Learning. From the LinkedIn Learning homepage, click on "Browse" (upper left), select "University of Oregon," then choose "Career Development" under "Top skills at University of Oregon," and scroll down to "The Senior Collection." Modules in this learning path include: developing a career plan, setting goals, job hunting tips and tricks, and mastering interview questions.

Please note that UO's LinkedIn Learning is only available to you while you are an enrolled student.

Access UO LinkedIn Learning

Resources for Long-Term Success

Graduation brings with it many opportunities to learn and grow as a person. For long-term success, think about how you’ll take care of all the parts of you. Spend time learning to budget. Continue to grow your skills and become a life-long learner. Think about creative ways to earn income. Learn negotiation skills; they come in handy!