A message from the Employer Engagement Team

We know recent developments related to COVID-19 are having a tremendous impact on many employers. Like many universities, the University of Oregon is providing remote education for spring and summer terms, and the University Career Center has transitioned to remote services until further notice. Find the latest UO COVID-19 updates and information.

Even though we may have gone remote, our team is here to support you! We are available to consult on maximizing your digital engagement and recruitment strategy and can provide resources on virtual internships and micro-internships. Contact us to learn more.

Your Future Employees, Today

At the University Career Center, it is our goal to understand your organization and its needs, and to assist you in recruiting UO students who possess the best skills, experience, and personal qualities for your organization. We offer several opportunities for you to engage with the UO campus such as career fairs and on-campus recruiting. Depending on your organization's needs and interests, we can offer several different opportunities for you to connect and engage with our students.

Join Our Partner Program

Benefits include:

  • University Career Center Partners are among the first employers seen by students at career fairs
  • We create custom recruiting strategies and tailor your outreach
  • Increase your visibility across campus through connections with student clubs and organizations
  • Build relationships by serving as a panelist or guest speaking at a career class
  • Be featured in our University Career Center communications across campus

The University Career Center’s Partner Program is a strategic relationship between your organization and the University Career Center. Through the Partner Program, you can work one-on-one with a University Career Center representative to develop a marketing and outreach strategy with the goal of increasing your company’s visibility on campus. Our employer partners play a critical role in contributing to the career development of our students. We believe the relationships formed between our partners and students are a vital part of our campus network.

Recruit On-Campus

We can assist you with scheduling on-campus interviews, information sessions, and information tables. Our On-Campus Recruiting program lets you bring your opportunities directly to the students and gives your organization an advantage as students can learn about what you have to offer without leaving campus. We are always looking for more ways to connect organizations with our students. If you have an idea, please contact us and we can work together to accomplish your goals and provide our students with new opportunities.

Recruiting Details

Benefits include:

  • Opportunities to connect with a variety of students in one day

  • A streamlined interview process through our Handshake portal

  • Can be combined with other events like career fairs to make the most of your trip to campus

  • Increases your visibility on campus and with our students