Find Job button on a keyboard

By Dani Amtmann

So you’re new to campus and need to find a job? On- and off-campus jobs help you gain new skills, make connections (and money!), and add experience to your resume. The job landscape this fall is a bit more challenging given COVID-19 but there are people hiring for Fall Term 2020 positions. Use these tips below to help you get started:

  1. Handshake is your first stop for finding on and off campus part time employment. If you haven’t already, activate your Handshake account and fill out your profile. You can customize your search on the Jobs page by filtering on criteria such as for on- and off-campus jobs, part time positions, internships and work study (work study positions are typically on campus). It’s always a good idea to follow up on your application within a week by emailing or calling the department. You might also want to call the department beforehand to make sure they’re still hiring.
  2. Handshake is a newer system at UO so some positions may not be posted there yet.  Are there departments or services on campus that you’d like to work for? It’s okay to give them a call or send an email and see if they’re hiring. If not, ask when a good time is to reach out again, and be sure to follow up!
  3. Do you have specific academic areas of interest? Check with your home academic department as some have paid research opportunities. CURE (the Center for Undergraduate Research and Engagement) is a great resource to know about. You can also find some research positions on Handshake.  
  4. There also exist some leadership positions on campus such as through the ASUO, and some departments on campus have student advisory boards—see the Counseling Center, the Dean of Student’s Office and Rec Center to name a few. While these are not typically paid positions they are a great way to gain leadership skills and many provide stipends, which give a fixed monthly sum of money in exchange for service. These positions are often posted in Handshake.    

How’s your resume? Whether you’re a first-time resume writer or seasoned professional check out the University Career Center’s resume and cover letter resources as most employers will ask for a copy of your resume. You can also make an appointment with a Career Readiness Coach to get personalized feedback on your documents. We look forward to working with you!